Exclusive Pieces

Bed Heritage







Contemporaneously elegant, refined, bold and with new trends, styles and shapes within each collection.

We work with craftsmen who dedicate themselves to the mastery of creating pieces with our own design.


We create furniture pieces, beds, nightstands, mirrors, glasses, metals like inox, brass and many others.


We think about every single detail, since measurements, proportions, space balance, preferences, needs, comfort, elegance and personal taste.


Our suppliers are prepared to meet your quality demands. Each piece is unique, adapted and transformed.


We carefully select fabrics, carpets, lamps, abat-jours, curtains, lighting, wallpaper and many others. Everything is especially selected for professionals to completely produce each requested piece.


Environment breaths in many ways.


National and international suppliers, prestige established brands and new brands, all of them responsible for creating suitable and exquisite environments, for you.


We develop interior design projects.